CPS Handle


Product Code: CPSH

Manufacturer: Top Competitors BBQ

Stock Level: 3 - 6

The CPS (Carry, Pour and Seal) Handle makes it easy to move around and take care of your bags opf pellets. 

  • Easier to carry both 20# and 40# bags without tearing.
  • Set at an Angle the handle makes it easy to pour pellets into your grill hopper.
  • Fold over the top and clamp the handle on to seal up your bags between uses.

Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic that will hold up, these giant bag clips are rated to carry 40 lbs. Bag storage just became a snap! You can then place the open bag in the jaws of the clip and snap shut! No need to fold down the bag.

To create a pour spout, simply place the clip on an angle on one corner of the opening (see photo in gallery) making sure to click all the way to ensure a tight grip on the bag. Now you can lift the bag with the handle while using the other hand to support the bag while pouring. It’s a snap!

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