Competition Blend (MHC) 20#


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Product Code: 5087

Manufacturer: Lumberjack

1/3rd Maple-1/3rd Hickory-1/3rd Cherry.  Fine blend of sweet Maple smoke flavor with a tinge of fruity flavor and touched off with a hint of hickory – great for all foods

Maple - Mildly smoky, somewhat sweet flavor. Maple chips add a sweet, subtle flavor that enhances the flavor of poultry and game birds. Smoke a pork roast with them for a sensational taste experience.  Mates well with poultry, ham, cheese, small game birds, and vegetables. Wonderful for smoked turkey!

Hickory - Sweet to strong, heavy bacon flavor. This great flavor works well with pork, ribs, hams, poultry, and beef. These chips should be soaked for 1-2 hours to prevent a bitter taste.  The most common wood used. Good for all smoking, especially pork and ribs.

Cherry - Slightly sweet fruity smoke that's great with poultry (turns skin dark brown). This smoke is a mild, sweet and fruity smoke which gives a rosy tint to light-colored meats.
Good with all meats.

Available in 20#

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